Not only is Magnum Mobile Services’ Edmonton fuel delivery designed to be more convenient for you and your business, it can actually save you money. Remember: every time your employees go to refuel their vehicles, they’re on the clock. Not only do you pay the cost of the fuel, you’ll also have to pay for your employees’ time.

Take a moment to consider how much fuel really costs when your employees fuel up your company’s vehicles and equipment. This use of time can be expensive and can reduce each employee’s productivity. Employees who must refill their own fuel tank will typically spend at least 20 minutes going to and from the gas station. See the table on this page for an example of how much this can cost.

Employee Hourly Wage


Time to Fuel Vehicle

20 minutes

Trips per Week


Annual Cost in Wages per Employee


Average Liters per Trip


Employee Cost per Litre


Pump Price


How Much You Actually Pay per Litre


*Estimated wage for illustrative purposes only

Even if the extra cost per litre is relatively small, the cents can add up quickly over the course of a year. What’s more, the costs in this table do not include the extra fuel that employees will use when traveling to and from the pump, nor the extra wear and tear that these journeys will have on your vehicles.

Real Savings

Enjoy the real savings of working with Magnum Mobile Services! There will be no wasted time, you’ll be able to keep your fleet on-site for longer (reducing the risk of running into problems on the road), we have flexible operation hours, and you get immediate tax savings (with no need to file for refunds). Contact Magnum Mobile Services for a quote to get started.

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